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How Are Vouchers Used?

Vouchers are bonds of the redeemable exchange type that are worth a given value and that can be spent only on certain goods or for particular purposes. It could be used to purchase insurance, or pay salary. They can also be traded between companies. In most cases, vouchers cannot be transferred to another person, but they can be traded between companies. Some examples include food, travel, and housing vouchers.

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A voucher can be presented at one of three authorized depots. One is the store location itself. Another is the shop in which you can purchase vouchers. The third kind of place where vouchers can be purchased and exchanged includes the Mall, the Supermarket, and the petrol pump. Also called the voucher shop, some stores that sell vouchers also have their own counters located within their premises view here.

A voucher usually carries a unique identification number. This number is usually visible on the back of the voucher, but in some instances, it is also engraved or imprinted on a label of a plastic sheet that is slipped inside the voucher. Sometimes, the number may appear on a tag attached to the product. The printing of identification numbers usually follows standard rules. The procedure usually follows some basic steps, which include designing, printing, cutting, binding and adding a hologram to the end of the voucher.

In most cases, a valid and functional voucher cannot be printed. It should contain only basic information, including the name of the issuer, date of issue, value and expiry date. Vouchers that are used like a coupon are usually laminated with a magic marker, so that it cannot be torn off. They also make good promotional items, since they are given out for free, and because they do not cost any money.

Although they have now become part and parcel of our lives, vouchers have their origin way back in history, as far as we know. It is believed that they originated with ancient Babylonian temples that give out small gifts like jewelry, clothes and so forth to worshipers. These vouchers were then kept in a pouch or belt and given to the people who attended the temple. Every time they performed some action that was required of them, they were to carry out the action requested of them in return for the voucher. Hence, the first vouchers did not carry any monetary value, but were meant to provide social status.

Through the years, different voucher systems emerged, varying in their functions, purposes and availability. Today, a wide range of voucher products are available, such as gift vouchers, restaurant vouchers, educational vouchers, bus and train pass, sports tickets, etc. Voucher systems are also widely used by the manufacturers of different products. They give discounts to their customers, on products that they have purchased using their vouchers.

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