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All About GIA Lai Specialties

GIA Lai Specialties is a small collection of hand picked exotic fruits grown and processed at GIA. Each fruit is selected for its exotic growth, ripeness and flavor. The company grows exotic fruit trees in the rain forests of Panama and grows many varieties of fruits. They use state of the art and advanced machines in order to ensure that the fruit is delivered on time to you. The specialty is in the packaging and they make every effort to provide the customer with the highest quality product available. They also have a large variety of fruit for you to choose from.

GIA Lai Specialties is grown and processed in the United States under strict guidelines and are certified as organic. The certification ensures that you will get exactly what you pay for. You will not be exposed to pesticides or herbicides, which can affect the taste or the health of the products. GIA grows and processes only the highest quality varieties of exotic fruit.

You will find several unique products offered by GIA Lai. One is the Enchanted Berry, which has a tart cranberry flavor. It has a pleasant after taste. Another product is the Perfect Pairing Orange, which has a delicate citrus flavor. This orange pairs well with spicy foods and is refreshing. Last but not least, the Baked Apple makes a great addition to your diet

In order to grow these berries, GIA sets strict standards and a rigorous process. They mustn’t harvest the fruit until it is completely red; no sooner. To ensure that the quality is not compromised, they only pick the largest fruit. In this way, consumers will know they are getting a fresh and quality product.

The company specializes in gourmet fruit snacks and juices. They have several specialties that can satisfy your sweet tooth. Some of their products include apple cider vinegar, banana splits, chocolate covered strawberries, and more. Each of these products will make you forget about your old diet and have you on track to eating healthier.

GIA Lai is committed to offering the best product to consumers. That is why each of their products undergoes quality control to ensure quality and taste. They are dedicated to making sure consumers will be satisfied with every aspect of their growing and harvesting processes. Their dedication has allowed them to grow into one of the leading firms in the industry. You can trust what they will do for you.

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