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What is a Healthy High Blood Pressure Diet?

The Western World is today full of people suffering from the life threatening condition high blood pressure. To ensure good health is maintained it is vital that we strive to maintain healthy blood pressure and reduce elevated blood pressure. Diet is a major corner stone in this quest. There is a huge amount of medical evidence which supports the link between high blood pressure and diet. Perhaps however, linking a certain food with a specific medical problem is taking this a bit too literally.

It is well documented that a diet which Blood balance incorporates lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, one which is typically followed by a vegetarian for example has great success in reducing blood pressure. A diet which includes a lot of fast food and contains a lot of saturated fat and salt is a disaster in terms of blood pressure. This on the face of it seems simple and straightforward, but it does not always follow. Many people who have followed the Atkins diet have also found a reduction in their blood pressure.

So what constitutes a good high blood pressure diet?
The answer to this is simple, everything can be eaten in moderation. A mixed, well balanced diet is all that is required. Salt for example is always haled as being extremely bad for you and should be avoided. The truth is that the body needs salt to function correctly. The excesses found in processed foods are detrimental as the balance of minerals in the body is disrupted these also include potassium and magnesium as well as sodium which is found in salt. In reasonable quantities salt can be included in the diet and the same can be said for lean cuts of meat and low fat dairy products.

Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension or DASH for short is an officially recommended diet for those who require a high blood pressure diet. These types of “officially recommended” diets usually fill people with fear. In this instance the diet recommended is a sensible, well balanced diet which we would all do well to take heed of even if we do not suffer from high blood pressure.

The diet recommends plenty of freshly prepared fruit and vegetables with lean meat and low fat dairy products – a simple low fat, low sugar diet. What it promotes is a back to basics approach. Buying fresh produce and preparing simple healthy meals in your own kitchen replacing the processed ready meal diet.

In my opinion and it is just my opinion, the only problem with this diet as with most diets is that it lays down strict portion sizes and the number of servings which should be consumed in each food group. I think that a balanced diet is more about eating foods according to the cycle of nature i.e. foods which are in season and plentiful from local sources.

In summary, there are really no black and white answer to what a good high blood pressure diet is. All foods should be eaten in moderation in a varied, sensible diet – although processed food should be avoided! Following this simple advise could help reduce your weight and most importantly your blood pressure and possibly your grocery bill.

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