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What is the Soul?

I was listening to one of those radio/ Internet broadcasts that had a spiritual-metaphysical theme to it when the show’s host asked the guest. “What do you mean by when you say the “Soul”? What is the Soul? He continued.

I found myself suddenly more intently listening. It was like everything came alive for me. People have so many ideas about the Soul, what it is? Where does the Soul go? How do we get to know our Soul? Why do we even have a Soul?

It is such a powerful understanding that in my own heart I have often hoped that when I am asked this question, will I be able to fill that cup for people.

Then I remembered it is God in me that really illuminates people. It is not my human consciousness, so i really have to go up in my higher mind so that any answer i might give would be at least adequate.

I have had many teachers that have helped opened up my eyes to things. So i do not just write here as a result on only my mere deductions about life. Some of these observations that will be given here are a result of a path I discovered I didn’t even think I was looking for. It must have been my Soul that was searching for truth.

I would also like to say much of this knowledge comes from what i have learned, and i try and put it in my own words, so 失眠催眠治療 as much as possible even people with an average interest in a inner life can understand.

Another thing is want to point out is when i write, i consider that we often say, i did this or i did that or i believe this, i, i, i. Hopefully what is being said is not to point out that i personally am an authority, but in each of us is the greater I that does speak from a place of knowing, so sometimes we have to notice in ourselves when that greater I steps forth and when we sense it is more of a personal opinion. They both have their roles, though i have learned when my Soul speaks from that place of Wisdom and understanding, it is because the Soul has been in communion with the higher self.

Most of what is described here in terms of esoteric teachings of the Soul’s purpose and the components of the Soul and Spirit come by way of my studies of the Ascended Masters teachings, including Jesus and Saint Germain.

This is important to say, because my outer mind, my conscious understanding didn’t yet have both the terminology and could see the whole picture of the parts of the soul. It had to be put together for me. So i had to study many texts and outlines of Ascended Master teachings, then i had to turn these insights over in my own soul and my mind until i became illumined.

So it is a process, but fortunately the Soul itself does seem able to confirm truth and we have a natural Spiritual intelligence and a conscience that helps us.

I also have to give credit for my own soul and the wisdom it has brought me.

My Soul i can tell has been around a long time and its still trying to get things right.

That is where the Ascended Masters have come in, and along the way a messenger or two, but i promise you i have not delved into channeling of that sort, that people today attribute many things to.

I remember some time ago, year’s maybe, i came across a simple understanding that was presented as a teaching about the Soul from the Ascended Master perspective.

It was so simple and yet so profound, so deserving i thought that it became a basis for the way i would answer many questions about the Spiritual path.

Simply put, “the Soul is the Living potential to become God” Later, i read in Saint Germain on Alchemy, “the Soul is the living potential of God”

To me that really crystallized an inner truth i held about the Soul, that our Souls are on a journey to realize, to become our oneness with Spirit.

The Soul by itself has to be shepherded. It has to be led, helped along and guided while it is maturing. If not, the Soul can get lost; it can get caught up in all sorts of things.

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