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Energize Your Pet Containment With An Electric Dog Fence

Keeping your furry family members safe… keeping other dogs and wild critters out. Protecting your property and garden from rough house play has never been simpler since the introduction of electric dog fencing.

Ultimate In Flexible Pet Fencing Dimensions. Electric and electronic pet fencing wires and hookups offer simplicity and minimalist wires. Result? Simple, quick and easy to install. Plus, the low cost per linear foot means that pet families can comfortably afford a much larger pet containment area… maybe the replica size of your entire front or rear lawn area, as opposed to size-restrictive dog kennels made out of chain metal.

Electric Dog Fence Installation. No electrical engineering degrees necessary when installing an electric fence for dog containment. Simplicity rules. Most electric pet fencing is comprised of a large spool of narrow-gauge wire, which is the signal pathway… screw-on wire joiners to make quick sure connections… a controller box with color-coded connection terminals for sure hook-ups… a simple plug-in to any outlet, such as in your garage or along the exterior wall surface area such as near an outside deck.

Training Your Doggies With Electronic Dog Fence 토토사이트 Collars. Families looking at the latest in pet containment technologies had a word of thanks to give 19th century radio wave explorer, Marconi, since 21st century electronic pet fence collars would be unimaginable if modern over-the-air radio transmissions had not developed.

* Pet Fence As “Energy Field”. Here’s what happening with your electric fence for pets. The perimeter wire that you’ll lay out… perhaps positioned atop the ground over rough rocky terrain or installed a few inches below the grade with grass or softer soils… creates a continuous “transmission” field. Imagine an invisible 6 to 12 foot radius tubular shaped “energy field”… permanently transmitting low level radio waves that will be picked up by your pet’s radio receiver collar.

* Pets Obey – The Role of Low Voltage Shock Therapy. Dogs, and cats, are smart… and quick study learners as to the meaning of the perimeter “warning flags” demarking your electric pet fence. Approach the warning flag and the radio collar receiver begins to chirp… beep-beep-beep warning Ginger or Toto doggies to “slow down, stay away, don’t cross!”, and if Ginger crosses she gets a surprise low voltage shock transmitted through the radio collar pins which press against her neck. There’s no pain, just a huge surprise. After several training sessions of 10 to 15 minutes, Ginger and Toto now “know” 1st hand about their personal electric dog fence. In the classic yard-rather-than-lab behavioral experiment, most dogs express the classic Pavlovian response… shock = discomfort = stay away.

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