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How to Install Your Own Glass Splash Backs?

A decade or so ago purchasing and installing a printed splashback would cost upwards of $3000. However, thankfully these are not as expensive as they used to be but they still are expensive. Many times the most significant expense is associated with installion. You can save lot in the way of labor costs if you decide to install a glass splash back on your own. Most DIY people are unable to install these because they are not able to measure accurately. Also once the glass has been toughened you can’t modify it any further making it impossible to install.

Accurate measurements and planning

Before you install a splash back you need to plan things in advance. Start by measuring the kitchen so that you can buy accordingly. Once you have measured your kitchen’s height, and breath you can then order the glass. If you are in the process of re-fitting all your kitchen cabinets then first make sure everything is properly leveled. Once all the lower level cabinets are installed you can mark a space on the wall where the bottom of your overhead cabinets will be installed but make sure to mark at around 20 mm higher than this point because this is where the glass should be installed 먹튀. Also think about the corners and add around 8mm of distance at which point you will install a butt joint. If you are not 100% sure of your measurements it would be best to first cut out a cardboard template of the glass and try to add that to your wall. If it fits correctly then order the glass!

Measuring power points

Before you can install a splash back you will first need to figure out its power points. The easiest way to mark power points is to start with marking a center crosshair. Then you mark the measurement from edge to edge in relation to this crosshair.

Before you fit it around any of your power points you should first get an electrician to remove all the hardware and the wires around that point. However, if you are confident simply turn the mains off and check to make sure it is off using a test lamp. Simply unscrew the power point and turn it around 90 degrees so that it easily sits within the box. You can now simply push it into the hole. If required get longer screws for your power point which allows for the splash back to be installed further within the hole.

If you want to save more money refrain from purchasing a printed splash back. You can simply paint on the glass yourself if you have the skills or you can simply install plain glass. The important thing is to make sure that everything is securely installed.

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