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Ab Workout Information For Moms

Moms face an extra difficult challenge when it comes to their ab workout. Not only are they dealing with the weight gain and body changes associated with a recent pregnancy, but also the demands of caring for their children make it harder for them to actually get their training in.

In this article, I hope to give you some quick information that will make it easier for you moms to bounce back as quickly as possible. The good news is, abs training is cheap and relatively easy. You don’t have to belong to a gym and the two pieces of equipment I usually recommend (stability ball and medicine ball) cost around twenty bucks each.

Plus, you can do it in your home and sneak it in pretty quickly. You first have to make up your mind that you can do it, though. Once you try it out a few times, you’ll see that even with a mom’s crazy schedule, you too can fit in some effective abs training.

First off, avoid heavy resistance. You don’t need 홀덤 to mess with any heavy dumbbells or gym equipment… in fact, I suggest you avoid all that. Heavy resistance training builds bulk and you don’t want that. Stick with very light resistance or body weight based exercises.

Next, split up your training. What I mean by that is, remember that you have front abs, side abs, and what I like to call the “rear abs” or lower back extensors that make up your core. Each needs to be trained… but they don’t all have to be done at one. You can more easily sneak in your front abs training alone, then come back later to side abs, then later still for the extensors, much more easily than trying to find the time to do them all together.

By separating them out, now you only need a few spare minutes here and there to get your training in. It’s MUCH easier to fit in, say, five minutes of exercise three different times, than fifteen minutes straight. Make things easier for yourself.

Finally, target your lower front abs and tranversus (that’s a deep muscle that goes around your stomach like a girdle). These are usually the problem areas for moms, and here’s a great exercise to handle them.

It’s called the ball transfer and it’s what it sounds like. Lie on your back with legs flat and arms overhead holding a medicine ball or exercise ball (your choice). Lift up your legs and put the ball in between your lower legs and squeeze to hold it there. Lower your arms and legs to the floor (the ball is still between your legs). Lift them back up and take the ball from between your legs and hold it in your hands. Lower your arms and legs to the floor. Now you’re right back where you started, so just repeat. You’ll feel it soon enough.

While you do the exercise, visualize pressing your belly button to your spine (or sucking your gut in, whichever image works). This will engage that deep transversus muscle.

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