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Making a Wooden Stand Up Surf Paddle

The soul surfer eventually comes out of every stand up paddle surfer; and with it comes the desire to build your own equipment. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of putting your own hand to a board or a paddle and taking it out on the water for soulful joyride. Building your own paddle can be done in an afternoon with simple tools and more often than not, scrap wood you can find around the house, or pick up at your local hardware store. The “right way” to build a stand up paddle varies from craftsman to craftsman, each with their own style and method of construction and reinforcement. This is great news to the beginning paddle builder.

It means that when it’s time for you to build your own paddle it’s impossible to make a mistake. Should your hand slip, just call Inflatable paddle board it a one-of-a-kind custom alteration. Hey, if some of the greatest discoveries in the world were born out of accident, why not the perfect paddle? The point is, paddle building is fun, and a simple paddle with an angled or straight blade can be built in an afternoon without a woodshop and without specialized equipment. Check out what you’ve got around the house and use your imagination about how to piece it together and make it work. And when you’re done, be sure to seal the wood or it’ll get waterlogged in no time. Whether you decided to make a wood paddle as your primary stick, a spare, for the kids and the family, a gift to others, or to start a new business, have fun and go for it

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