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Striking the Right Tone: Formal vs Informal Communication and Marketing

The Formal Vs Informal Communication Test

If you have spotted an online marketing business opportunity, but are unsure how to approach it, you are not alone! It can be very difficult to decide on an appropriate ‘narrative voice,’ and to gauge what tone to strike when marketing your product online. There is no one answer to this problem, but if you remember that it all comes down to your brand identity, your target market and the message you wish to promote you’ll be on the right track.

The test is really a set of guidelines that you need to consider before you can begin promoting your product.

How do I market my product? Though it may sound obvious, you need to look at your target demographic. They are the people you are aiming at, so they are the people you need to please. It is widely believed that it is best to err on the side of the informal when attempting to sell a product. People tend to respond to a friendly voice, but they also need positive reassurance. Remind them that they need your product!

It is the nuance that makes the article; the detail and individual word choice can make all the difference. The following are guidelines only; occasionally one might wish to contravene them in their entirety – please 텍사스홀덤 see my article Capturing them with Controversy [] for further information;

Be positive Negative phrasing has a subtle affect on the reader ­ they may begin to associate your product with the negative ethos an ill-judged piece of communication evokes ­ and you don’t want that!

  1. Negative phrasing immediately saps energy; it does nothing for your brand image:“Don’t underestimate the power of Words, or you will never succeed!”
  2. Positive phrasing has immediate impact on your reader, empowering your brand and setting the right tone:“Words are the most powerful tool in your armoury, use them well and you will find success!”
  3. When selling your product avoid the negative and use the positive:“Don’t forget to write!” Versus “Write back soon!”

Banish ‘don’t’ and ‘can’t’ and avoid phrases with dampening effects, for example; ‘don’t forget to write,’ has the subliminal message ‘forget to write’.

People will gloss over the negative ‘don’t’ and store, quite subconsciously, the ‘forget to write’ ­ which is exactly what they will do. It is therefore not as powerful as the more positive ‘write back soon.’

You should be confident in your product; avoid ‘if’ and use ‘when’. So;

“If you would like to try our amazing product…”

“When you try our product you’ll be amazed.”

Sell your product in a friendly, positive (rather than aggressive) manner and you will succeed.

The Benefits of a Freelance Copywriter Whether you wish to advertise your product online, or use print-advertising, a good copywriter can help you choose your words and set the tone; leaving you with a polished and professional website or brochure.

Online marketing The majority (around 80%) of your web traffic drives through the search engines. You need a copywriter with experience, and competence with search engine optimisation (SEO).

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